The Rotarian Rowdy River Raft Race – Germany’s biggest inflatable boat race

– One for all, all for one –

On 30.06.2019 the time has come again. Schweinfurt is upside down. The Rotary Club Schweinfurt-Peterstirn under the direction of Dr. Alfred Schneider, President of the Rotarians, invites you to the 11th River Raft Race at the Gontermann Promenade in Schweinfurt City.

Up to now about 80 boats have been registered and more are being registered every day. The forecast is about 8,000 visitors this year. A folk festival of superlatives for a good cause. Also in this year the Rotarians want to do again much good and call for donations of most diverse kind.

In addition to the traditional raft race, there are other special offers to delight the public. Which of these are, however, will not be announced at this time. However, we will keep you up to date – we promise.

Just like the Voice Aid Association e.V., Rotarians are committed to humanity and environmental protection. It is time for people to stand up and work for the planet and their fellow human beings.

Under the credo „We are one“ Voice Aid inspires people and companies to take on more responsibility within the scope of our coexistence.

Voice Aid Associationfor the sake of mankind and the planet

Here is the link to the previous year’s report in the Business-Voice-Magazine: