The Voice Aid sustainability initiative “Homelessness in Berlin” was a complete success – We Are One –

On 19.11.2019 the time had finally come for the Voice Aid Association e.V. to launch its sustainability initiative Homelessness in Berlin for the first time.

A complete success for Evelyn, owner of the restaurant Makénéné, who offers very special dishes from the African kitchen, her team and the “doers for good” of Voice Aid.

From left: Josiah Bruce – Voice Aid; Evelyn – restaurant owner, Leelo – singer

A total of 23 homeless people met at Schillerstrasse 20 in Charlottenburg to let themselves be spoiled a little and to go into active exchange with us.

Already before the door it came to great conversations – the mood was just good.

The Voice Aid team consisted of Josiah Bruce, Regino Hawich and Patrik Beierkuhnlein. At 12:30 p.m. everyone took a seat at the beautifully set table. Leelo, a well-known singer, enchanted everyone with her voice and her wonderful songs.

The hostess Evelyn from Restaurant Makénéné greeted all guests warmly and presented the first course of her classic African menu, which everyone enjoyed with a lot of pleasure.

During the meal, an intensive exchange began with the guests, who shared their stories, wishes and needs with Voice Aid. Exciting interviews followed with the people who openly agreed to this, and so we also learned something about their previous jobs, about their talents.

Josiah Bruce and Christine Blume — Josiah Bruce, Lutz Linde, Bernhard Peschel

Christine Blume spoke openly in an interview about the incredible situation in the streets of Berlin. She wishes very much: “…that one should be more considerate and…that these people don’t camp or sleep outside for fun.” Lutz Linde and Bernhard Peschel shared a common wish with us. Lutz told us in an interview: “… because I always think about getting work again…”

Alexandra Herma Benub — Sebastian Hummelmeier – Spedition Torsten

Alexandra Herma Benub said during the conversation: “…a bit sad is the ignorance … that frightens me… also the hunger, which is not allowed to be according to the law.”

A man who makes actions count is Sebastian Hummelmeier – Spedition Torsten. For him it is a matter of course to support others and do good. He said: “…we try with our things, which we gained by the disposal, … to give this free of charge to other people … so we do something good for other people who need it.”

Around 15:30 and after visiting the clothes provided by our partner Sebastian Hummelmeiers, these special guests left the restaurant with a feeling of joy and affection for each other.

Regino Hawich – 2nd chairman of Voice Aid

Regino Hawich, 2nd Chairman of Voice Aid, said: “This afternoon has changed my life a bit. The cordiality and openness with which these people deal with their lives is incredible. We would also like to thank Sylvia Prassek and Sabine Zwernemann, our local helpers, our camera team Patrick and Markus, Josiah Bruce for his support during the interviews and especially Evelyn, her team, Torsten and all our guests who have placed so much trust in us”.

Mrs Reiher – Berlin railway station mission and Josiah Bruce – Voice Aid Ambassador

Josiah Bruce then said: “We thank all those who work for the homeless on a daily basis, and have been doing so for years, such as Mrs Reiher from the railway station mission in Berlin. Furthermore we would like to invite you to our next homeless event on 10.12.2019 in “Die Busche”. We are very much looking forward to seeing you. We Are One – for the sake of mankind and the planet.”